Foot Anstey 2019 Harassment In Retail Survey

Harassment in retail is more prevalent than you might think. A survey for law firm Foot Anstey conducted by polling firm Survation asked over 1,000 shop floor retail staff about their real, lived experiences with harassment at work.

We discovered over 1 in 10 retail staff - equal to 319,000 UK workers - have experienced inappropriate or unwanted touching of a sexual nature at their current employer. 

With me being a female sales assistant I get sexual comments DAILY believe it or not. The public really can be disgusting towards retail staff sometimes.
Complaints not dealt with

Retail staff complain of problems getting their employer to deal with sexual harassment.

“I used to work in an establishment with two male colleagues who would be both verbally and physically sexually inappropriate. Unfortunately, due to their relationship with the senior staff, they both got away with it.”

Of the 11% who experienced inappropriate touching of a sexual nature, over a third - 36% - blame their employers for not doing enough to prevent it. In equality law sexual harassment is a form of discrimination and grounds for legal action.

More employment tribunals

Single Claim Employment Tribunal applications have risen by 108% in two years. Not only that, but because of the rise in the court’s workload, cases are taking longer to be heard. Some 77% of employment lawyers say they are seeing cases first appear in court over a year from the date of the claim. To that, you must add the extra time and expense to hear a harassment case (due to the need for more witnesses) and the rising costs of losing. Employers lose in around 90% of cases which reach court.

The average payout for sex discrimination, where harassment is often cited, is £13,212

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