Managing your response

These are unprecedented times for everyone. At Foot Anstey we’re ready to support businesses and individuals to deal with the immediate challenges of the Coronavirus outbreak, as well as helping you plan for the future and the road to recovery.

This hub provides you with all the latest information from Foot Anstey’s coordinated team of experts.

The dates you need to know - Your Covid timeline

With guidance being updated constantly, we've compiled a timeline of the key dates you need to be aware of that will affect business, covering key legislation and policy changes, with links to further details and information via our in depth articles from our experts.

Building resilience and preparing for recovery

As promises to ease lock down circulate many businesses are starting to lay the foundations for recovery which will look different for every business. Here we take a look at what will the future marketplace look like and the key areas for businesses to consider, both strategically and operationally, to get ahead as you plan for your future.

Latest guidance information

We have collated all our coronavirus-related articles into several main categories which you can look through here. Each section will be regularly updated throughout, making sure you are up to date with the latest issues and changes that could affect your business.

Bespoke Covid-19 advice packages

We are able to provide a number of template letters and documents to support your business continuity plans, plus more tailored advice around workforce challenges, finance matters and managing communications (both internal and external) at this difficult time. To offer cost certainty we agree fixed fees wherever possible, our services - aligned to your needs, include:

General Counsel services

GCs are being asked by their senior management teams now more than ever to advise on business strategy and risk, as each organisation considers its recovery plan to emerge from the global COVID 19 pandemic in a robust and resilient way. Staying abreast of the latest government guidance whilst managing operational queries and HR matters means there’s no respite in the in-house legal world.

Our General Counsel services model offers additional virtual resource over a short term period to work as an extension of your existing team and help with legal matters or to offer mentoring to team members to ensure your legal function operates as efficiently as possible during this challenging time.

Job retention scheme – Employment fixed fee

We know that pricing certainty is important for you at this challenging time and that many of our clients and contacts need to implement the scheme urgently in order to save payroll costs whilst minimising the risk of claims and are now offering a fixed fee package to help you do that.

Getting in touch

The COVID-19 team are here to support you with enquiries as you receive them – you can use our dedicated inbox which will be followed up by the appropriate member of our coordinated team:

If you’d like some cool heads at your side to steer you through this, please let us know. We are here to help you get to the other side.